Rare Zoanthids

23 May

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Are you interested in reaching reef and zoanthid enthusiasts who are looking for rare zoanthids and corals to buy? Whether you run a reef community, an online store, or you’re just an avid eBay frag seller, we can help you reach thousands of hobbyists who search and shop for rare zoas to buy every month.

RareZoanthids.com is a website that showcases colorful zoas that appeal to many of today’s reef aquarium hobbyists. The website currently ranks #1 in the top search engines for terms such as “rare zoanthids” and “rare zoas” and we generate over 15,000+ page views from over 3,000 visitors every month.

For many hobbyists that are new to the scene or are unaware of the best places to shop online for corals, marine fish, and reef supplies, we are their first destination online for looking up information and pictures of colorful zoanthids. 90% of the users that come to our website looking for colorful zoas are asking, “Where can I buy a frag of these corals?” after reading about them. As an advertiser of RareZoanthids.com, you can help these hobbyists fulfill their needs at the moment they’re ready to buy.

Below are the current ad packages that are available for purchase:

Ad Banners

Banners are sold using PayPal subscription service. Ads will auto renew every term unless you cancel the subscription.

Sample 125 x 125 banner size.125×125 Pixel Banner – For the cost of just one frag-pack sale, this banner will sit on the homepage and every zoanthus detailed pages on the website. The banner will be prominently displayed near the top and can provide branding for your store or coupons and special offers for hobbyists who are looking for online shops to buy zoas and corals. Limited spots available. [$80 a year / recurring]

Buy a 125×125 Banner and email me your banner design.

75 per interview]

Text Links

Ad buys below are sold on an one-time basis using PayPal.

Blog Interview – One of the great things about RareZoanthids.com is our content. In addition to featuring colorful zoas, we also feature interviews with hobbyists who own exceptional tanks around the world. We can do a blog interview with your business that includes pictures, behind the scene information about your business and any other things you may want to promote. These interviews will help hobbyists learn more about your store and why they should shop from you vs. your competition. [$

Buy a Blog Interview

Coupon Blast – As hobbyists, part of our LOVE for this hobby is the hunt to find great deals on the net! We want to give our readers tips on coupons or limited time sales. If you have a sale coming up, let us help by broadcasting the information to our website users and RSS readers. [$10 per broadcast]

Buy a Coupon Blast and email me your message.

For more information, please email: advertising [at] rarezoanthids.com.

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