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Green Death

In early 2007, a new kind of polyp corals started showing up in the hobby which can be collectively labeled as the death corals. These polyp corals have the same features as zoanthids and palythoas but they were a bit larger (nickel sized instead of pencil eraser sized) and they appeared less rigid.

I imagine the reason these corals were called deaths is because of their shape and size and how similar to a venus flytrap, these corals look like they’re out to grab something from the water.

green death
The Green Death is the first of a few corals that were introduced into the hobby with this type of shape. The Green Death is great in its striking green color and its ability to make the color pop under the right conditions.

green death polyp
If you get one of these corals in your collection, it is recommended that you do not freshwater dip these due to their fragile nature. Make sure you do acclimate them properly and that the salinity of your tank is closely matched with the incoming water. (Or you could drip acclimate)

Once fully acclimated, this is definitely one of the distinctive green zoas that will be in your tank.

Mean Green

As far as green zoas go, Mean Green zoas is one of the more sought after green zoas.

mean green

Mean Greens can be easily identified by their brown skirts, green plate and an enlarged white center that extends just beyond the mouth.

I’ve found these zoas do better in medium lighting as they seem to extend better in that setting coupled with medium flow.

Incredible Hulk

With the recent launch of the second Incredible Hulk movie, it’s only fair that I start the zoanthid catalog process with the Incredible Hulk zoas.  Zoanthids morph under all kinds of conditions including but not limited to lighting, water currents, and placement in the tank so it’s very possible for similar zoa morphs to be labeled with a number of names.

I’ve seen the Incredible Hulk zoa labeled as Luck of the Irish and even as Green Crossettes on CoralPedia.  The main things that distinguish these zoanthids from others are the brown skirts, the deep green plate and what appears to be a lighter green vein coming out of the zoa mouth.  Under strong MH lighting, the lighter colors really pop in the tank.

The Incredible Hulk zoa is one of the hardier morphs that can grow under high lighting or be kept in the shade.  The patch I had in my tank spread pretty easily without dedicated feedings and if you are a beginner looking for some color to add to your tank, green is a great place to start.

If you have additional pictures of this coral, please send them to us and we will update this post.

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