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Bleeding Hearts

bleeding hearts zoa

The bleeding hearts zoas are undoubtedly one of the nicest pink zoas in the hobby. In addition to the vivid pink body, the zoas have a bi-colored red skirt. These zoas really pop under actinics and should be placed in medium flow area.

bleeding hearts zoanthids

Classy Pinks

Pink zoas can really add great color to any new reef tank; especially during the period of time when you are waiting for your live rocks to encrust with coralline. Below were some pink zoas I was lucky enough to get when I first started in the hobby. For a newbie who had just dived into the hobby, the pinks provided a GREAT contrast in a sea of green and brown zoas.

classy pink zoanthids
I don’t think this particular morph were ever officially named, but regardless of their anonymity, these classy pink zoas looked great in my tank. New polyps always started in the yellow spectrum and eventually they would color up into the pinks.

If you’re just starting out and are looking to trade some zoas for some pink ones, leave some comments below and let other reefers know. The pink zoas are pretty easy to take care of and under optimal conditions can spread pretty quickly. The pink zoas I had grew pretty fast in the shadier parts of my 90g which were under 14k Metal Halides with actinic supports. Your mileage may very.

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