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Armageddon is one of the most striking red zoanthids in the hobby and a quick peek at its plate shows you why.  Not only does this morph glow in actinic lighting, the pattern resembles part nuclear explosion, part event horizon, part gates of hell.

Due to the popularity of this coral, you can trade for a number of other exotic corals by having it in your collection.  This zoa is also easy to propagate when placed in medium flow and high lighting conditions.

Armor of God

The Armor of God zoanthid is definitely a fan favorite amongst zoa collectors.  This zoanthus has a metallic sheen which sparkles under the right combination of metal halide and actinic lighting.  The zoa is defined by its silvery/gray skirt that surrounds a red, pinstriped plate which resembles a shield that may have been blessed by unexplained religious powers.

Fortunately for zoa collectors, this is a relatively easy zoanthid to grow and as long as your tank has proper lighting and flow, this morph will reproduce rather easily.

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