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Top 3 Most Popular Zoas!

Rare Zoanthids feature some of the most colorful and desirable zoas that are collected in the hobby today. But what are the most popular zoas that people search for? Below are top three zoas that people search for on this website.

3. Candy Apple Reds

candy apple red zoanthids With amazing colors on both the zoanthus plate and skirt, it’s no wonder that Candy Apple Reds are some of the most desired zoas in the hobby.  We’ve gathered a lot of attention on this site for featuring this zoa so chances are if you have some in your collection, you can get some great trades for it! Have you seen other rainbow zoas as bright as these?

2. Purple Deaths

purple death paly The majestic Purple Deaths paly gets a lot of attention in this hobby due to its color and its size. These paly’s certainly seem like they are large enough to swallow up whole critters. If you have these in your collection, we would love to hear how you are taking care of them. What conditions have you found to be ideal for these?

1. Purple Hornets

purple hornet zoas Deep colors zoas are a favorite amongst zoa collectors. Combine deep colors with bright florescent markings, you have a collectors item!  Purple Hornets, the darker cousin of the Blue Hornets is now one of the hobby’s most sought out zoas – even more than the Purple People Eaters! If you have these, please share them with the community so they can be more widely distributed and preserved.

Blue Hornet


Similar to the purple hornet zoanthids, the blue hornet is another zoa with very distinctive patterns and vivid colors.  While the purple hornet sports a purple mouth and purple plate, the blue hornet sports a blue plate with a purple mouth.

These corals were originally found off of the African coast and thus have been harder to collect than corals found on other coasts.  While these zoas also look similar to the Blue Eyed Dragon, it does share more similarities with the Purple Hornet by having the same color ring and skirt.


If you’re looking to get some of these, make sure you keep them in low, indirect lighting.  Also, if you are buying from a private party, check and see how long the seller has had the colony.  Word on the street is these zoas are fickle and emo.

Blue Shuriken

Blue Shuriken is one of the most vivid blue zoas in the hobby.  With its long skirts and varying shades of blue and purple from the mouth out to the skirt, you can guess why this is named after a throwing star and why it’s one of the favorites in the blue zoa family.

blue shuriken

When new zoas are formed, the mouth glows.  As the zoa matures, it becomes slightly white/light blueish.


If you’re into collecting blue zoas, make sure you add these to your collection.  Like most blue zoas, you will want to keep these off of direct lighting to keep the majestic dark blue color.

Bleeding Hearts

bleeding hearts zoa

The bleeding hearts zoas are undoubtedly one of the nicest pink zoas in the hobby. In addition to the vivid pink body, the zoas have a bi-colored red skirt. These zoas really pop under actinics and should be placed in medium flow area.

bleeding hearts zoanthids

Purple Hornet

The Purple Hornet seems to be one of the newer zoas that recently came into the market as of this writing.  I remember seeing this zoa in a picture once about a year ago but no one seemed to be trading it at the time.  It’s nice to see that it’s finally coming into the market – even at its crazy price.

purple hornet zoas

purple hornet zoas

As you can see, this zoa sports a purple body with a distinctive yellow ring around the mouth and what appears to be a alternating purple and yellow skirt – definitely a gem in the industry.

So do you have these for trade or sale?  If so, please post in the comments section below.

purple hornet (actinics)

purple hornet (actinics)

As you can see, these zoas look pretty amazing in actinics as well.  Thanks Jarrod for sending the pictures.

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