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Armageddon is one of the most striking red zoanthids in the hobby and a quick peek at its plate shows you why.  Not only does this morph glow in actinic lighting, the pattern resembles part nuclear explosion, part event horizon, part gates of hell.

Due to the popularity of this coral, you can trade for a number of other exotic corals by having it in your collection.  This zoa is also easy to propagate when placed in medium flow and high lighting conditions.


If you want to talk about N-I-C-E orange zoas, you have to check out the Creamsicles.  I’m not sure where the origin of the name came from but whoever named them must have thought these resembled the old school popsicles or something.  In a way, I guess they do.


The center of the Creamsicles do not pop as much as say… Eagle Eyes or Dragon Eyes, but they are definitely colorful in terms of orange zoas.

creamsicle zoas

If you’re looking to acquire these beauties, you can probably find a good number of them in your local community – just check out your local reef club or online coral forums.

Fire and Ice

There’s something special about combining two opposing elements that’s just unexplainable. Yin and Yang, Sun and the moon, Fire and Ice, you get the idea.

fire and ice zoas
The Fire and Ice zoa has a fiery red/orange skirt along with a light blue body. The mix of colors has dubbed this as the Fire and Ice zoanthid and is another one of the commonly traded zoas in the hobby.

Fire and Ice zoas grow rather quickly and do not require intensive care like some of the slower growing zoas. These do well under medium, sporadic currents and will work under PC’s or metal halides

Dragon Eyes

dragon eye zoas

Dragon Eyes is one of the most distinctive orange zoas in the hobby.  A great colony is kept under MH and actinics and the orange body will really pop under the right conditions.  I’d imagine dragon eyes were named for their intensity and what seems like an intense stare from the mythical beast.  There’s just something about the orange body and the black and white rings around the body makes this zoa really fiercesome.  I’m guessing the green skirts also help blend the zoa to the dragon scales.

If you’d like to get this zoa, you are in luck.  These zoanthids grow very easily and are widely traded in the hobby as of the writing.  If you’re looking for some, please feel free to leave a comment below.


Kaleidoscope is another one of the COOL rainbow zoas that can be found in the hobby today. This zoa has an amazing mix of colors and when you look at it, it either feels like you’re looking into a kaleidoscope or traveling at the speed of light to some point in the horizon.

kaleidoscope zoas
However, if you notice the image below, a lot of the zoas look “normal” when view from afar. Most zoanthids do look amazing when seen up close or when taken with a macro lens. So it’s very possible your plain jane zoas will also look just as good when you take a pic of it with a macro lens.

kaleidoscope zoas
Like the Candy Apple Reds, these zoas also have a green center with a colorful edge and skirt. However, unlike the Candy Reds, the green portion of the zoa is smaller and a bit more erratic than the other zoas.

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