Rare Zoanthids

24 July

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If you want to talk about N-I-C-E orange zoas, you have to check out the Creamsicles.  I’m not sure where the origin of the name came from but whoever named them must have thought these resembled the old school popsicles or something.  In a way, I guess they do.


The center of the Creamsicles do not pop as much as say… Eagle Eyes or Dragon Eyes, but they are definitely colorful in terms of orange zoas.

creamsicle zoas

If you’re looking to acquire these beauties, you can probably find a good number of them in your local community – just check out your local reef club or online coral forums.

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  • emory

    Let me know if you want to sell a few polyps

  • Mrsnow88

    Would love to find some of these….. Mrsnow88@yahoo.com

  • scott sargent

    Creamsicles I have a frag of these

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