Rare Zoanthids

13 July

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Dragon Eyes

dragon eye zoas

Dragon Eyes is one of the most distinctive orange zoas in the hobby.  A great colony is kept under MH and actinics and the orange body will really pop under the right conditions.  I’d imagine dragon eyes were named for their intensity and what seems like an intense stare from the mythical beast.  There’s just something about the orange body and the black and white rings around the body makes this zoa really fiercesome.  I’m guessing the green skirts also help blend the zoa to the dragon scales.

If you’d like to get this zoa, you are in luck.  These zoanthids grow very easily and are widely traded in the hobby as of the writing.  If you’re looking for some, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • adamfajge

    How can I trade with someone for some DragonEyes Zoa’s

  • Lee Seng

    Hi Adam,
    Am from Singapore and am interested in getting a colony of Dragon Eye Zoas. Please sell me. Thanks.

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