Rare Zoanthids

23 June

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Hello World! We Are Back!

Welcome to Rare Zoanthids – where we highlight pictures and descriptions of named zoanthids that are currently in the salt water hobby.  The goal of this website is to share some of my favorite corals in the hobby and to hopefully grow this website into a resource for reefers who are looking for information or vendors of colorful zoas.

As always, a site such as this is best when built by the community so we welcome any suggestions, information corrections or picture submissions to help with our cause.  If you’re interested in becoming a blogger for this site, please let us know as well!

For the newbies in the hobby, please note that rare zoanthids are more often than not, just hype.  Given enough time, newly imported or discovered zoas will be passed around by collectors and eventually into the hands of everyone who wants them for a reasonable price.  If you are really interested in a particular morph of a zoa, my personal suggestion is to wait or trade for them rather than shelling out large bucks for them.

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  • LoJenn

    Is there any current activity on this page? Would like to hear from anyone who has these Zoa that have been or are willing to frag. Thanx

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