Rare Zoanthids

19 July

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Purple Death

purple death

Similar to the Green Death, the Purple Death is another one of the large polyp death corals.  The colors on the Purple Death can vary depending on tank conditions but ideal colors for this coral is an electric purple which photograph well like the one above.

Like the PPE’s, Purple Death palys are currently in high demand and can be traded if you find zoa enthuiasts with this coral in their collection.  Please keep in mind these palys do slime when stressed and they are more toxic than most zoas – which says a lot.

15 July

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Joker’s Paly

The new Batman: The Dark Knight is coming out this weekend so I thought it’d be fitting to introduce the Joker’s Palythoa to you guys.

joker\'s paly
The Joker’s paly is a polyp coral that contains a purple body and a green skirt. It’s very similar to the Purple People Eater (PPE) and have often been mistaken for it by newbies. However, while similar, it’s polyps are not as big as PPE’s and it lacks a neon green mouth.

Joker\'s Palythoa
I would guess that the Joker’s paly was not named because it looks like the Joker or that it has colors that are similar to a clown. It may have been named Joker’s because for many PPE hopefuls, this paly has played a cruel joke on them and shattering their dreams.

However, if you can look beyond the named zoas fad, this is a pretty cool morph seeing how deep purple morphs are not all that common except for a couple of morphs. You feeling the funny yet?

14 July

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Fire and Ice

There’s something special about combining two opposing elements that’s just unexplainable. Yin and Yang, Sun and the moon, Fire and Ice, you get the idea.

fire and ice zoas
The Fire and Ice zoa has a fiery red/orange skirt along with a light blue body. The mix of colors has dubbed this as the Fire and Ice zoanthid and is another one of the commonly traded zoas in the hobby.

Fire and Ice zoas grow rather quickly and do not require intensive care like some of the slower growing zoas. These do well under medium, sporadic currents and will work under PC’s or metal halides

13 July

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Green Death

In early 2007, a new kind of polyp corals started showing up in the hobby which can be collectively labeled as the death corals. These polyp corals have the same features as zoanthids and palythoas but they were a bit larger (nickel sized instead of pencil eraser sized) and they appeared less rigid.

I imagine the reason these corals were called deaths is because of their shape and size and how similar to a venus flytrap, these corals look like they’re out to grab something from the water.

green death
The Green Death is the first of a few corals that were introduced into the hobby with this type of shape. The Green Death is great in its striking green color and its ability to make the color pop under the right conditions.

green death polyp
If you get one of these corals in your collection, it is recommended that you do not freshwater dip these due to their fragile nature. Make sure you do acclimate them properly and that the salinity of your tank is closely matched with the incoming water. (Or you could drip acclimate)

Once fully acclimated, this is definitely one of the distinctive green zoas that will be in your tank.

13 July

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Looking for Amazing Zoanthid Tanks

Since this website is dedicated to zoanthid appreciation, we are always interested in featuring aquariums that have amazing zoa collections.  If you would like your tank featured on this website, please shoot me an email and a picture of your current tank.

Unlike some of the other Tank of the Month features, there’s no minimum size or cost requirement to submit your tank.  Zoa placement is an art and some of the most amazing zoa tanks I’ve seen have been in nano tanks so don’t be discouraged if you don’t think your tank is big enough.

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