Rare Zoanthids

22 December

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Purple Hornet

The Purple Hornet seems to be one of the newer zoas that recently came into the market as of this writing.  I remember seeing this zoa in a picture once about a year ago but no one seemed to be trading it at the time.  It’s nice to see that it’s finally coming into the market – even at its crazy price.

purple hornet zoas

purple hornet zoas

As you can see, this zoa sports a purple body with a distinctive yellow ring around the mouth and what appears to be a alternating purple and yellow skirt – definitely a gem in the industry.

So do you have these for trade or sale?  If so, please post in the comments section below.

purple hornet (actinics)

purple hornet (actinics)

As you can see, these zoas look pretty amazing in actinics as well.  Thanks Jarrod for sending the pictures.

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  • J Jordan

    Hi, I was wondering fi you knew the scientific name for the purple hornet zoanthid Thanks, J

  • I bought these under the name Rings of Saturn. Slow grower in my experience.

  • Zach Johns

    I would love to get a frag of these!!!!

  • matt

    i have lots of purple hornets 4 sale, selling them for about 45 a polyp

    if interested email me at

  • poya

    selling these @ 5 polyps for $20…sure beats the guy above me


  • Nick

    I also have a lot of purple hornets for sale. I’ll do $20 a polyp plus shipping.

    Email me at holman.nicholas@gmail.com

  • Kelby

    Does anyone know where I can buy a frag or a full group of these?

  • Kelby

    any website I meant

  • Seth

    Im very interested in getting some authentic purple hornets. I want the real thing. Please send me an email to sethdrago1@aol.com if you have some for sale. Please include a picture and price with how many are available.

    Thank you

  • Linda Kiser

    I am looking for some Purple Hornet frags. Please email me at dlkiser@windstream.net if you have any to sell.
    Thank you

  • Chris

    I am very interested in getting authentic purple hornet zoas. Please email me at hockeychris1234@aol.com with pictures and pricing. Thanks!

  • Chris

    im looking for some purple hornets for my tank. email me if you have some available and a price. osirus84@aol.com


  • Johnny

    I’m also looking for Purple Hornets, the real deal! send pictures with price. I already can get them for $45 a polyp.

  • my Name is Ryan C> looking for Purple or blue hornets also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please contact me @ email or 985 778 5741 leave M if i dont answer…… please reply ill buy

  • Matthew Waldrop

    hey i just bought one from a guy off ebay for like 15dollars

  • Matthew Waldrop

    his member name is danac305..his prices are really good..some of the coral has expensive shipping and some is not..but if you buy like a mushroom for about 20total with shipping..you can then buy the purple hornets for 15 and he only adds 1 dollars to combine shipping…he has the shipping 30 for some pieces of coral..but he has a really good setup..great feedback…its real deal

  • Kubert1x

    NIce, Gary, how about 1 frag?

  • Rich Upps

    i have these. Sold to me as PPE. Today. Nice grab i guess

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