Rare Zoanthids

21 April

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Sunny Delight

It’s not often we find great yellow zoas in the hobby that are valued by collectors but one of the more recent zoas that popped up in the hobby has certainly caught many collectors’ attention.

Sunny Delight is a multi-colored zoa and it certainly is a ray of sunshine in a sea of colorful zoas. After getting through the purple stuff on the edge, you get to the yellow plate and the neon green core. My favorite is probably the light blue mouth on top of all the other complementary colors.

This zoa is currently highly sought after. If you have some for sale, please let us know and we can highlight your store on the right. If you have some to trade, please feel free to post your availability in the comments below.

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  • Wool

    Omg, i live in france, and to be honest, the zoa colors here are all but colorfull 😡 this is a big pain to get a colorful zoa here, i wish i live in us or either canada, you guys have wonderfull corals :s

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