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Blue Hornet


Similar to the purple hornet zoanthids, the blue hornet is another zoa with very distinctive patterns and vivid colors.  While the purple hornet sports a purple mouth and purple plate, the blue hornet sports a blue plate with a purple mouth.

These corals were originally found off of the African coast and thus have been harder to collect than corals found on other coasts.  While these zoas also look similar to the Blue Eyed Dragon, it does share more similarities with the Purple Hornet by having the same color ring and skirt.


If you’re looking to get some of these, make sure you keep them in low, indirect lighting.  Also, if you are buying from a private party, check and see how long the seller has had the colony.  Word on the street is these zoas are fickle and emo.

Blue Shuriken

Blue Shuriken is one of the most vivid blue zoas in the hobby.  With its long skirts and varying shades of blue and purple from the mouth out to the skirt, you can guess why this is named after a throwing star and why it’s one of the favorites in the blue zoa family.

blue shuriken

When new zoas are formed, the mouth glows.  As the zoa matures, it becomes slightly white/light blueish.


If you’re into collecting blue zoas, make sure you add these to your collection.  Like most blue zoas, you will want to keep these off of direct lighting to keep the majestic dark blue color.

Tub’s Blues

BLUE ZOAS! Everyone loves blue zoas. Blue is a color that’s not often seen in animals or plants unless you’re looking at certain parrots, birds or blue zoas. Because of such, blue zoas are often in high demand as soon as one learns of their existence.

tubs blues zoos
Fortunately, blue zoas are not considered rare in the hobby even though they are great collectors’ items. If you’re looking for these beauties, my advice would be to try trading for them with local reefers. If all else fails, there are a number of online stores and private collectors that carry these zoas in stock.

tubs blue zoanthids
If you’re lucky enough to get these zoas, my experience with them is that they like lower lighting conditions. Tub’s Blues‘ polyps are pretty small compared to other zoas and do not require spot feeding.

tubs blues zoas
If you own these blue zoas and would like to trade or sell frags of them, please post in the comments below.

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