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Purple Hornet

The Purple Hornet seems to be one of the newer zoas that recently came into the market as of this writing.  I remember seeing this zoa in a picture once about a year ago but no one seemed to be trading it at the time.  It’s nice to see that it’s finally coming into the market – even at its crazy price.

purple hornet zoas

purple hornet zoas

As you can see, this zoa sports a purple body with a distinctive yellow ring around the mouth and what appears to be a alternating purple and yellow skirt – definitely a gem in the industry.

So do you have these for trade or sale?  If so, please post in the comments section below.

purple hornet (actinics)

purple hornet (actinics)

As you can see, these zoas look pretty amazing in actinics as well.  Thanks Jarrod for sending the pictures.

Purple Death

purple death

Similar to the Green Death, the Purple Death is another one of the large polyp death corals.  The colors on the Purple Death can vary depending on tank conditions but ideal colors for this coral is an electric purple which photograph well like the one above.

Like the PPE’s, Purple Death palys are currently in high demand and can be traded if you find zoa enthuiasts with this coral in their collection.  Please keep in mind these palys do slime when stressed and they are more toxic than most zoas – which says a lot.

Joker’s Paly

The new Batman: The Dark Knight is coming out this weekend so I thought it’d be fitting to introduce the Joker’s Palythoa to you guys.

joker\'s paly
The Joker’s paly is a polyp coral that contains a purple body and a green skirt. It’s very similar to the Purple People Eater (PPE) and have often been mistaken for it by newbies. However, while similar, it’s polyps are not as big as PPE’s and it lacks a neon green mouth.

Joker\'s Palythoa
I would guess that the Joker’s paly was not named because it looks like the Joker or that it has colors that are similar to a clown. It may have been named Joker’s because for many PPE hopefuls, this paly has played a cruel joke on them and shattering their dreams.

However, if you can look beyond the named zoas fad, this is a pretty cool morph seeing how deep purple morphs are not all that common except for a couple of morphs. You feeling the funny yet?

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