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Sunny Delight

It’s not often we find great yellow zoas in the hobby that are valued by collectors but one of the more recent zoas that popped up in the hobby has certainly caught many collectors’ attention.

Sunny Delight is a multi-colored zoa and it certainly is a ray of sunshine in a sea of colorful zoas. After getting through the purple stuff on the edge, you get to the yellow plate and the neon green core. My favorite is probably the light blue mouth on top of all the other complementary colors.

This zoa is currently highly sought after. If you have some for sale, please let us know and we can highlight your store on the right. If you have some to trade, please feel free to post your availability in the comments below.


While chatting with the Atlanta Reef Club members, I stumbled across a picture of these zoas.


While yellow polyps grow like weeds under the right conditions, yellow zoas have always facinated me cause not too many people collect them.  Often times they are a morph of green zoas under extreme lighting conditions but once the zoas come home, not too many stay yellow.

While the above zoas do not have a black center plate with yellow skirt, they do look amazing. I would almost argue that these look like lions due to their yellow body and tan mane. (But I didn’t name these zoas.)  A frag of these would certainly look amazing next to some purple and blue zoanthids.  Anyone have any to trade?

Classy Pinks

Pink zoas can really add great color to any new reef tank; especially during the period of time when you are waiting for your live rocks to encrust with coralline. Below were some pink zoas I was lucky enough to get when I first started in the hobby. For a newbie who had just dived into the hobby, the pinks provided a GREAT contrast in a sea of green and brown zoas.

classy pink zoanthids
I don’t think this particular morph were ever officially named, but regardless of their anonymity, these classy pink zoas looked great in my tank. New polyps always started in the yellow spectrum and eventually they would color up into the pinks.

If you’re just starting out and are looking to trade some zoas for some pink ones, leave some comments below and let other reefers know. The pink zoas are pretty easy to take care of and under optimal conditions can spread pretty quickly. The pink zoas I had grew pretty fast in the shadier parts of my 90g which were under 14k Metal Halides with actinic supports. Your mileage may very.

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