Rare Zoanthids

26 June

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True Eagle Eyes

true eagle eyes zoas
True Eagle Eye Zoas are really something when you get them in your collection.  Compared with their darker, deeper morph (the watermelon zoas), the Eagle Eyes cast a bright orange stare that sometimes hipnotizes you when you stare at them.  It always amazes me how people can see different things in a circle filled with different colors but I must admit, when you look at this zoa, it really does feel like you’re staring into the eyes of an eagle or some predatory bird.

eagle eyes
Eagle Eyes can be defined by their light green skirt, gray mouth, orange plate and a bold dark ring around the main zoa body (plate).  Luckily for beginners, this is one of the more traded zoas in the hobby and they grow pretty easily under normal home reef conditions.  If you are looking for some Eagle Eyes to trade or frag, please leave some comments below.

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