Rare Zoanthids

27 June

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Tub’s Blues

BLUE ZOAS! Everyone loves blue zoas. Blue is a color that’s not often seen in animals or plants unless you’re looking at certain parrots, birds or blue zoas. Because of such, blue zoas are often in high demand as soon as one learns of their existence.

tubs blues zoos
Fortunately, blue zoas are not considered rare in the hobby even though they are great collectors’ items. If you’re looking for these beauties, my advice would be to try trading for them with local reefers. If all else fails, there are a number of online stores and private collectors that carry these zoas in stock.

tubs blue zoanthids
If you’re lucky enough to get these zoas, my experience with them is that they like lower lighting conditions. Tub’s Blues‘ polyps are pretty small compared to other zoas and do not require spot feeding.

tubs blues zoas
If you own these blue zoas and would like to trade or sell frags of them, please post in the comments below.

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  • Brianmelendrez

    I HAVE SOME TUBS!!!!!    5 bucks a head!!!

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